This very interactive exhibition is intented
to show to all visitors that mathematics is:

  • astonishing, interesting and useful,
  • accessible to everyone,
  • plays a large part in daily life,
  • that they lead to many trades,
  • and has an important role in our culture,
    development and progress.

3 copies are in circulation:
=>one was in Corea until October 2010,
=>the 2d in Burkina Faso in April to June after Benin & Senegal (Emf2oo9),
=>the 3d was in Cordoba (Spain) in September-October for the XIII CEAM congress.

News 2010
Virtual interactive Exhibitions

On=> www.Experiencing Maths.orgyou will find interactive experiences inspired by the exhibition, initiated and supported by UNESCO and aimed to secondary maths teachers, in particular in Southern countries. This year in Chile, Angola and Cordoba.

=> Dimensions
A new virtual tool for Maths Culture, conceived by mathemacians from ENS-Lyon who present the experiences of Experiencing Maths exhibition in Region Rhône-Alpes.

=> Imaginarya new virtual exhibition from Deutchland
Prizes & Events 2010
Fields medals

to Elon Lindenstrauss (Jerusalem Univ.),
Ngô Bao Châu (Paris-Sud and Chicago Univ.),
Stanislav Smirnov (Geneva Univ.) and
Cédric Villani (ENS of Lyon and director of Henri Poincaré Institut).
Abel Prizeto John T. Tate (Texas Univ.)
Gauss Prizeto Yves Meyer (ENS Cachan)
Turing Prizeto Charles P. Thacker, Microsoft researcher.
See too the pageNews =>


Presentations 2o1o

In West Africa

Burkina Faso, April-June:
Ouagadougou, Koudougou
& Bobo Dioulasso

In Europa

Cordoba in Spain
in September-October
with SAEM Thales <=

In Asia

Korea until October
1 year, 6 cities with
Natesystem & Kidp <=

In Latin America

Santiago de Chile
in Janury-February 2010

Presentations 2oo9

Brazil, 10 cities from
Recife to Belo Horizonte<=
Eskişehir, Izmir & Ankara,
with Anadolu University
Senegal, 4 cities
and Benin (Cotonou)<=
Presentations 2oo8
In Latin America
• Argentina <=
Buenos Aires + 3 cities
• Paraguay:<=
Asunción & Villarrica
• Chile: Santiago (Mim)<=
• Colombia: Bogotá<=
• Mexico & Monterrey<=
In Asia
• Philippines with
Atenao Univ. de Manila<=
• Pakistan with PSF: <=
• India: 4 cities <=
(100 000 visitors)
In Europa
• Portugal ''6 months-7 cities
Presentations 2oo7
Euler 2oo7:<=
• Basle 10 000 visitors
• Singapore 35 000 visitors
• Chile: Santiago (Mim)<=
• Clermont-Ferrand
• Varsovia & Cracovia
• Cambodia (4 cities)<=
• Beyrouth & Saïda
with Libanon CNRS
• Vietnam (2 cities)
Presentations 2oo6
Laos (5 cities)
Bangkok (NSM)
Madrid - Icm2oo6 <=
Lyon Museum
Namibie, Windhoek &...
12 towns in 2 mouths

Presentations 2oo4-2oo5
Mozambique Maputo
South Afrika 6 towns
Beijing B. H. S&T Hall
Athens in Megaron
Orléans, Paris
Copenhagen (Icmi10)

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